Circle back

Buy an old friend lunch. Learn about where they’re at. Where they want to go. Talk about your mutual friends.

Call a college buddy. Talk about their new relationship. Maybe they just got married. What’s that like? Tell them about where you’re at. Talk about college stuff. Sports-Science-Homecoming.

Text someone in your family. Maybe it’s your mom. Your pops. Maybe an older cousin that positively impacted you. Check in to see what’s on their mind. Make sure they’re okay.

Circle back with your village. Reconnect.


“There is a point where you’re not supposed to be full of potential…Potential is a glimpse of what could be, yet there must be a shift from where we have potential to where we are potent…A life well lived squeezes all of the potential placed within and does something with it.”

– Erwin McManus, The Uprising

Potential is the notion of hope, but endless hope is worthless. It’s akin to the sunflower seed that never gets planted. To the brilliant scientist in third grade who’s never able to return to exploring sciences as an adult. To the couple who felt hope, but never clircled back and closed the deal.

Potential + Action matters most.

Plan the work. Work the plan.

My friend Greg is a big runner. He wrote a post about how he prepares for ultra marathons. In it, he writes “Plan the work. Work the plan.” I love it.

Effort makes result, but not all efforts are equal. Spending time creating a plan is spending time thinking about effort: how it’s applied, when, where and how. “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” Mike Tyson

Plans change. That’s expected. The benefit of a plan is structure, a medium to practice discipline, and a familiarity with process. “Process wins championships.” Nick Saban

Set your goal. Make your plan. Work that plan.

Fall in love with the process.

Don’t take anything personally

How do we stay effective and above water when people suck at communicating? 

Don’t take things personally. The Four Agreements tells us that:

  • Nothing others do is because of you.
  • What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream.
  • When you are immune to the option and actions of others you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

There’s so much more to this, but we’ll pause here, simmer on this, and take this with us as we go about our day. Sure, it’d be great if they had it too. Let’s start with us.

The Worst Shooting in American History

Wounded Knee, December 29th, 1890 is the worst shooting in American history.

US Government Troops opened fire killing 150-300 Sioux Native Americans. This was the last major event between the Americans and the Native Americans of the Plains. Some tried to call it a battle, but historians say “in reality it was a tragic and avoidable massacre.” A group of well armed soldiers surrounded the Native Americans, it’s unlikely the Natives were looking for a battle, but historians speculate that the soldiers shot first in retaliation for an earlier defeat to the Native Americans at Little Bighorn in 1876.

American treatment of Native Americans or First Nations people on the continent was & continues to be subpar. America has always has a gun & ego problem.

History is a flightlight into the future, but we mustn’t let it be washed away.


Creating as liberation

Post-College, life can look monotonous. Work Gym Home. Work Bar Home. Gym Work Home. It’s all that–in some order. Throw in a few episodes of Insecure or Narcos, maybe some Shooter (USA) when everything else runs out–it’s a life.

Next time you’re feeling stuck on the hamster wheel–try creating.

You don’t need to be Picasso to start. Just starting is good enough. Grab a pen and a notebook: write what’s on your mind for 2 minutes; then 5. Grab your laptop-write your thoughts into your notes. Grab a pencil–draw. Put on a track in the silence of your corner–freestyle for a few minutes. Don’t worry.

Nobody’s there to judge you, but yourself. You’ll always be your biggest critic, but how bomb it would be to find yourself liberated from the fear of your critique–from the critique of others– and create what you like–if only because you like it.

If only because it makes you happy.