Courage is the friend we can always spend time with, but the friend we fear. She, Courage, invites us to stand in greatness. We fear her, Courage, for that. We fear Courage for the greatness she eludes & invites us to step into. Courage is strong. Courage writes her own story. With Courage, we can do anything. We may not succeed, but we will show up.

Showing up is a sign that Courage is around.

Some of us befriend Courage out of circumstance:  injustice in our vicinity, challenge and struggle. We experience Courage from a place of need. As necessity is the mother of innovation, like Batman’s light, necessity calls Courage to approach closer.

Cuddle Courage – experience life.

Should we find ourselves puzzled about which direction to run, consider which decision in 50 years will have us looking back still curious, unfulfilled. Run towards Fear–Courage and Fear, they are so different and but we find beautiful things when we find them together. We are a speck of dust in an infinite timeline.

Live each day as if it was our last and our books will burst from the seams. Live our lives the way we are called to and our tales will be an example of what can be for the children who take our place here. Just as we stand on the shoulders of brave ancestors, we are the shoulders that children will look out from.

Show them hope.

The ones who inspire us most are courageous. They show up, work and stand in truth. What they gain from experiencing courage is more important than what they lose in momentarily separating from the herd. By choosing a path less traveled, they etch their stories into history and enable us to enjoy greater equality, stronger spirituality, a more robust understanding of science, the stars and the world around us. Their commitment to humans and the improvement of the human condition remind us that above all we must entertain Courage in the protection and care of people.

The world looks much different today than it once did. Should we invite Courage to live through us, we may further bend the moral arc of the universe towards justice and joy.

Let that be our North Star as we recognize Fear and Courage, inviting them to walk together with us.


On Being Honest

What does it mean to be honest?

Different things to different folks. To me, it means saying what you mean, meaning what you say and doing that.

Sure, it’s brilliant to be honest with others. I think what is equally important (yet not conversed about enough) is being honest with yourself.

Where might you be being dishonest with yourself today?

One area I can think of where people aren’t honest with themselves is goals and habits.

Are your daily habits aligned with your goals?

If you had the opportunity to honestly rename your goals based on your habits they may paint a better picture of where you’re headed.

One keystone habit I’m trying to create is sleep. My goal is to be healthier, more fit and more vibrant. And yet, I’m up at 4:30am writing this note.

My action does not currently line up with my goal. Tomorrow I’m at a wedding. My action probably won’t line up this whole weekend–it’s my cousins big fat Indian wedding.

I’ll aim at Monday.

For the moment, I’ll bask in the joy of self-expression and indulge in the ‘publish’ button after a long hibernation.

Polarities exist. They’re fun and helpful to hold. Polarities aren’t the best for goals. I’m seriously going to give better sleep a shot.

Onwards & Forwards Young Brown Man.

ps: Anik Khan dropped BIG FAX. Check it out.

Going to South America

Going to South America

Hola Friends,

Thanks for all the awesomeness you’ve shared with me. I’ve had three people this week share that they read and like the stuff up here. I’ve got a buddy that texts me every couple of weeks to let me know to keep writing. And someone I look up to hit me up to TALK TO THEM about blogging. (WTF!?)

It’s amazing to hear that people actually read what goes up here.

  • I love writing.
  • I love growing in my ability to write.
  • I love that you enjoy reading some of that.

My trip to Colombia will mean a lot more writing.

I arrive in Colombia this Thursday. I’ll write soon to share more about my decision to leave New York, what my intentions are in this expedition and how I’m looking at all of it. That will look something like this post I wrote in 2014 during my travel in India.

With gratitude,




I’m grateful for the wonderful people that surround me and the communities that gather those people, making them easy to find. 

A decade ago my mind was on basketball and my little community built around church. 

Today my mind is on creation, reconciliation and growth. 

Consistent is my yearning to impact my community, my need to build deep relationships and my yearning to fit in. 

At some point around 5-7 years ago I was forced with the reality that I needed to surround myself with different people. The people I thought I was closest to actively moved to create space between us. I’m sure me picking up on that expedited the process. 

The cold I felt in those lonely lows are well worth the warmth and growth I feel today. How full my life would be if I could share that warmth and depth with others around me.  

A flame has the power to light up a space. A larger flame can light larger spaces. A small flame can’t light much. 

People are the same. 

What can we do to feed our flame? 

How can we maintain hope? 

How can we spread our flame?  

Live the questions, the poet Rumi says. 

Mind your words

Our writing improves with time+practice. As does our speech. But the content of our expression and the words we choose to express ourself- they’re a bit more difficult to change. That takes consciousness.

The words we use wire the way we see and experience our environment. The ideas we share do the same. Both also have have the power to shape our environment. 

Words can transform lives. It’s worthwhile to be conscious of the words we use & thoughtful of the ideas we share. 

Live in pursuit of your desire.

Live in pursuit of your desire.

If there’s one thing I want people to gain from me: pursue the things that you want to. 

Chase the people that bring you wonder and press on the ideas that bring you excitement. Do what you love and when you stop loving it- stop doing it. There will be things that kindle a fire inside you. Let them. 

You are who you are and because of your commitment to movement you will force the world around you to move. Don’t fear the consequences of running fast, accept them. Move forward. Move the world forward. Push on. 

Here’s to the ones that believe when no one else else does. The ones that ride out when they must and force the sleepers to move. Here’s to you. Keep pursuit.