Every opportunity I have to travel teaches me an ocean. Travel is a space to observe the world around me, to look inwards and to concentrate my focus on creating a space for protecting my little candle in the context of a city that produces the wind, weather and worry known for extinguishing small flames.

This trip is unique in that I spent a great deal of time with a friend who I met in 2013 while traveling India and another friend who I met while at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in India in 2017. Argentina and Paraguay respectively.

This trip would also include the opportunity to reach my seventh continent- Antarctica, before the end of my 27th Birthday. That trip brought with it incredible people and learnings. It brought opportunities to camp out on the sheets of Antarctica, to explore on military style Zodiacs and to jump into sub-zero Antarctic waters. It had moments of stillness, of joy and even BBQs on the deck of our ship with Antarctica about us.


Folks like Bryan, Nabeel, Bastian, Roslyn, Dale, Alex. People who have lived lifetimes more than I have and whom I’d take many learnings from. We spoke of adventure, excitement, love, ambition–and ambition unchecked. We spoke of happiness, calm and presence. We practiced Yoga everyday on the boat–even while navigating the 8 meter waves that risked us in the Drake passage while tilting our boat 23 degrees in either direction. The M.S. Expedition was a gift. Certainly, it was an investment but anyone who travels should share that travel is an investment in the self.

It’s now 12:21AM in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

8 weeks ago I sat on a couch in midtown considering the long walk the time ahead would be. It has been an incredible walk–sometimes it passed quickly, other times like molasses and often I found my days including both sentiments. Now, it’s finished. Whatever it was and was not, is written; maktub.

Not everything I expected to be home there will be there. There will be a lot there that I’ve been looking forward to. And there will be so many pleasant surprises that have me idly smiling in appreciation–the baristas hearts in my coffee while the snow gently falls included.

Returning to New York this time is different then the last few times.

I aim to practice unattachment and in the same moment look forward to attaching myself to so much. Returning home this time is returning with a big weight lifted–something I want to do, now done.

I love travel and learning new things, but being home and building home is what speaks to me right now.  I return home most excited about being home. The idea of staying in one place fills me with excitement. I’m thrilled to find commitments in a more visceral way; to navigate ambiguity and build certainty; to gather things that can be taken away.

I’m ready for that again.

It’s a gift. I am so happy that I have had the last few years to explore the world, language and culture from around the world. I am so excited to have the next few to take what I’ve learned and explore my home through language, culture and inviting the world to join me in New York.

Onwards and Upwards




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