We haven’t control of what happens to us, but we can control what happens afterwards. Response-ability. Imagine being so unafraid as to embrace and celebrate what can come from each moment. Bold. Bright. Honest. Imagine a life like that.

When it rains, do you hide or dance in the puddles?

I’m inspired by them who dance.

I want to spend my time with them; my life. The ones who remind their loved ones of their love. The ones who celebrate the darkness as much as the light; who seek the light in the darkness and in the light, reflect on the stillness of the dark. The folk who know that the world today is negligible compared to tomorrow. That tomorrow is just a factor of what we do today, and what we aim to cultivate. It’s the ones who sign up to till, dig, and build with us; without being asked.

The doers are cool, but it’s the ‘crazy ones’ who excite me.

Those people unafraid to get wet messy- to do things different. The ones who hurt, but still hold up; Struggle, but still support. The ones who ache, yet make a point to uphold, uplift, and empower. They who know moments are fleeting, but they dive in pursuit after of each one.

I’m in love with people who see the world in all of the variety it holds.

I’m enthralled by the people who see their life as greater than ‘what’s your plan.’ The ones who build large webs of experiences sometimes in wild pursuit of their passions and sometimes because it just make sense. I want to be atlas for the people rewriting the story, nixing the narrative, unbuckling themselves from ‘towing the party line’ towards doing what’s right, what’s best- what matters.


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  1. Dancing in the rain. Last year, at a music festival it poured. Old me would have popped out my umbrella and/or found cover like 70% of the crowd did. Instead I kept my umbrella in my backpack, put my phone in a ziplock back, and had a splendid time listening to Haim and getting soaked. It was a great memory, and tapped into the carelessness of my childhood that most of us oddly lose as we get older. Great thought piece, Marvin.

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