It’s February 19th, the second month and 19th day of the human calendar. The year is 2017. Donald Trump, the 45th President of America. In resistance, we often leave his name coldly at 45 — he who shall not be named. 45 does a lot to engender conversation, curiosity, fury. He frequently releases media that is borderline lunatic and undebatably sociopathic.

While 45 works to carve a throne in the White House, America has not changed.

Our constitution remains the north star for the nation, a 200 year barely revised document. The revisions that we have brought, amended the right to vote and brought people of color and women into the fold of voting — though we are still working to ensure all of the protections to them that White men and women enjoy.

White Supremacists like Steve Bannon continue to infiltrate the highest levels of policy making and the lowest levels of law enforcement. Though, today at alarmingly high numbers today. White Terrorism continues to be the form of terror that takes the most American lives. And guns continue to cut away at our community (read about this Seattle man who was sleeping with his wife in bed on a weeknight when a stray bullet flew through a house, ricocheted off another house and right into his bedroom–killing him.)

We’ve got a lot to contend with. But we’ve always had a lot to contend with.

It’s not news to us.

The nation remains a place where remarkably talented people from around the world come to pursue higher learning and bolder dreams. A nation where our own people care deeply about those around them and stand up. These days, our sense of community and shared identity seems to mesh much more. Maybe one good thing that comes of it is that we are more compassionate and act on those values.

Donald Trump is the leader of the United States of America. But, the moral arch of the universe always bends towards Justice and Americans are here to pressure that arch ever closer towards a nation where all people can be equal and enjoy the bonds of kinship, community and crony capitalism.

Originally posted on Medium. February 17th, 2017.



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