Family, Closest Friends/Tribe–I am most proud and thankful for the relationships we have and the moments we’ve shared. I hope to always go to bat and move the distance, showing up & being present for you.

This decade is about growth for me. 2017 is about zoning in on the ideals I want to live by and focusing on absorbing them deeply to practice them consistently. For that, my priority is an Essentialist mindset (The Disciplined Pursuit of Less).

I’ve spent some of 2016 diving into things unknown, exploring things I was raised to fear and stepping out further. If we are remembered for the rules we break, I want to write the book on unorthodox journeys.

I sought out a wealth of experiences in search of who I am and where I fit. It’s been like throwing paint at a wall to see what sticks. I won’t abandon it entirely (because, serendipity), but essentialism asks me to be more focused on where I’m throwing paint and how I respond when the paint splatters back. Character.

That character comes from lessons and beliefs that I’ve learned in the past–not introducing new things, but finding a few philosophies or ideas to really bring into my life and live out, such as:

  • Always forwards. Never backwards.
  • You can’t control the ocean, but you can steer the ship.
  • Do one thing that scares you everyday.
  • You’re never too far in to turn around.
  • Because you can, does not mean you should.
  • Don’t plan around people, unless you’re okay waiting on them.
  • Stoicism.

I’ve worked hard to be more transparent and honest with myself about how much I care about individual people and things. Knowing how much I care about people/things has allowed me to either bring things closer or push them further away. It’s a process I want to continue and grow into further in 2017. It’s tough and takes courage to make decisions of this nature, but it’s empowering to know what you want/don’t and act upon it.

2016 is a year, in a series of years. It’s had ups and it’s had downs. I recognize that I tend to push the bad away and remember the good more frequently than not. It’s the good I want to keep focused on as we progress into 2017. The good of people, the good of organizations, our shared potential for good. If we are good to people and focus on how good they can be, they will start to recognize the goodness in themselves too.

Reviewing My 2016 Objectives-in 2016 I set out with goals & benchmarks for myself. Measurable, I wanted to revisit them.


  • Financial: I set out to close debt (done), create savings (done).
  • Physical: Yoga in Medellin helps while I R&R from Jiu Jitsu, but food habits naw. (Incomplete)
  • Mental:
    • “Be Happy Every Single Day” with meditation & surrounding myself with the right people. (YEP)
    • “Do what you love” (Yes.. I could use some help finding clients.)
    • Support those around me (I did it. I love doing it. I want to do more of it)

On the last day of every year I visit the year behind me and set intentions for the year ahead of me. These aren’t resolutions. These are about me setting my vision and direction. These help me tread towards the human I want to be. Here’s 2013, 20142015, and 2016.


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