Neoliberalism + Social Progress

I speak frequently to friends over food about the power of capital markets to transform environmental, change social situations and to turn turmoil into thriving.

Ignorant in those conversations has been the recognition of supercapitalism and hypercapitalists, people that are more bullish on business as the solution, than me.

Thanks to Bernie Sanders, the Presidential Election and Luis, a friend who studies international peace, I’ve become more aware of Neoliberalism, Neolrealism, and Neo-Neo synthesis.

These words-extremely academic- are unattractive, but they describe ideas of the world–philosophies or ways to categorize actions/history. For instance, Neo-Liberalism is the idea that in order for democracy to work markets need to keep growing. Sam Altman mentioned that in his recent New Yorker interview. That’s when my attention was most zamm’ed.

I don’t believe markets need to grow in order for democracy and social order to thrive. In fact, I think our current means of growing–where growth is limited to riches for a few, is the opposite of what we need in order to grow democratic participation, prosperous society and to find sustainably. 

It’s almost like the wealth of the rich are being compounded by taking from the work of the poor.

When I talk about business solutions, I do not mean the spread of multinational organizations. I mean using critical thinking and market principles: build solutions that are sustainable, effective and responding to consumer needs. 

When I say entrepreneurship is a tool for social mobility & progress, it’s not an excuse for the fatcats to get into our pockets. I intend to get more educated on the history: neoliberalism, neorealism and the newer neo-neo synthesis. I’ll get back to you with my thoughts on each, in words we can all relate to. 😉



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