Being abroad does a number to race construct. Being abroad can deconstruct race constructs and makes them near-unrecognizable between Americans. Largely because the same minority/majority groups that we understand back home just don’t exist in the same way. We’re all minorities abroad. When you’re abroad, the strongest experience you have is the one that shines through. For many of us that means that being American.

Of course, just because race can be deconstructed by cultural differences, language challenges and the daily struggle of trying to get by in a place that’s foreign to both of you– you’ve still got a choice. Break through or perpetuate. Unfortunately, I see people stick with their prejudice and choice. By in large, I assign that to a mix of fear of the unknown and comfort in differences.

Being abroad creates the space that is more easily explored and navigated. And that’s a really cool space to have. It comes down to personal choice.


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