How easy it is to self-criticize!

I’ve been thinking about my ‘lack of’ quite a bit this month. Namely, I’m not on track to meet my Spanish goal or I’m not learning enough or doing enough or being enough. 

I spoke with a friend last night. She moved to Miami from Colombia at 10 years old. She shared that when she finally spoke english it wasn’t progressive, but it was in a random moment. She just got it. As if her mind just switched on. 

I’m doing a lot, I’m immersed in an environment. Regardless of OKRs and growth metrics, I’m learning every single day. She reminds me this.

If there’s one reflection I’ve got from month one: patience. Colombia has a way of forcing patience from people. Speaking to an ex-pat company that have been here for 5 years, it seems that patience is one of those things you’ll be forced to practice, but never have enough of.

So laddie, be patient and recognize how much you’re doing/growing/expanding just by being. You’re vast-just as you are.


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