Last night I joined some friends to celebrate a birthday at an electronic music spot in Poblado. I do my best to stay out of Poblado. It’s pretty touristy (read: expensive AF and not culturally inclined), but sometimes you gotta just do it.

I did it for all of 45 minutes.

Once I walked into the bar and saw this on the wall “Political Talk Prohibited” I knew it wasn’t for me. Hip Hop and Rap meant so much to me growing up and mean so much to me today because they were the poetry that understood and expressed my life. When people rapped, they were sharing stories and tales about their lives, their communities and their experiences. This isn’t limited to hip hop or rap.

Music itself is a great liberator.

Música llena mi alima= music fills my soul. Electronic is cool. I’d bump to it, particularly when it’s mashed with heavier hip-hop and rap sounds. I’m sure people get lost in electronic and it fills some people up last night it wasn’t me. And the idea that music is separated from a political statements also wasn’t me.

Marvin en Medellín, Colombia

October 7, 2016


2 thoughts on “Music liberates

  1. This post shows how well you stick by what you believe in, but you’re not afraid of trying new things and giving them a chance.

    Electronic dance music, to me, IS a political statement. Major Lazer, an EDM group went to Havana, Cuba. That was a political statement in and of itself, but they take it one step further.
    Their album titles are as follows:
    Peace is the mission
    Music is the weapon.

    i encourage you to read up on Diplo and how they even called him DJ DIPLOmacy.

    I feel this post would relate better to Poblado and that it is a touristy town, instead of EDM.

    I’m glad you ventured out and tried a new thing, even though you may have sensed it would be unpleasant.

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