A Year Later

After hosting a Global Shapers meeting at my office in New York City I took this picture and posted it to instagram. The caption read: I’m going to take a picture on this day next year. If I’m in the same city, the first person to comments bar tab is on me. 


When I took that picture I was thinking about the intense work culture I was involved in and surrounded by. I was thinking about the narrow view on life that I was immersed in. I was curious about capital beyond economics and politics: cultural and social.

I wanted deeply to experience more of the world. I know it has more to offer. I’ve read the stories of explorers and leaders. The people I was most excited by had spent time experiencing the globe.

More importantly, I wasn’t alone in my curiousity. One of my friends was alone really curious about what the world had to offer beyond our borders. We studied at Maryland together. He was just finishing up a year of teaching English in Korea and was moving to Tokyo to teach grad school.


We’d talked about global travel and toyed with the idea of traveling together. We’re both really keen on global understanding, education and languages.

I made him my accountability partner (and wanted someone to brag to when I did it). I created a calendar invite and sent it to him. It included the link on instagram to the photo that I posted on 9/5/15. It popped up today.

I noticed it last week on my calendar. And I’ve been looking forward to doing it. It’s served as somewhat of a milestone on my ‘personal project plan.’


Today is 9/5/2016. I’m living in Medellín, Colombia. I’ll share an awesome picture of it tomorrow, when it’s sunnier outside.



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