It’s a new week! Here’s some thoughts

This is a little sum up of what’s been on my mind this weekend.

Leadership to Watch

  • I believe business business can and should lead the road for impact.
  • AT&T’s CEO, Randall Stephenson, said he was going to lead the charge for having more serious conversations on race & challenges at his company I was thrilled. A few hot quotes from that

when a person struggling with what’s been broadcast on our airwaves says, “black lives matter,” we should not say “all lives matter” to justify ignoring the real need for change.


Tolerance is for cowards. Being tolerant requires nothing from you but to be quiet and not make waves.

US Elections

  • The results of BREXIT & Colombian Peace scare me. I’m registering to vote from abroad this week. Everyone should go vote for HRC. Like Bernie said, “Vote. Then mobilize to ensure she is the most progressive President she can be.”
  • I’m not an HRC fan, but I know she’s hella competent and qualified. She’s going to do the job. And while she does it (and she’ll do it very well) we can mobilize to fix the institution so that we’re not stuck with the lesser of two evils.

Politics-Let’s get real. 

  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had their first debate. It was, meh. Trump is an idiot. Clearly unfit to lead. Though, polls have him not so far from Hillary. I appreciate how poised and presidential HRC was, per usual.
  • HRC has chosen to mobilize her base around identity politics. I wonder if this would be so doable if she were a brown/black woman. President Obama did none of it when he ran for President and stuck to merit. She’s got the achievements to run on. But she’s also got the blunders, unfulfilled promises and a bunch of flip-flopping.
  • I think it’s crazy that people are trying to blame Bernie for exposing her for being the wall street candidate and costing her millennial votes. If Trump Wins, Blame Hillary is an important read. Our politics don’t start and stop with HRC.
  • Our politics have grown incredibly binary. I watched a friend post on HRC, calling her out for talking so grandly about Obama & for her calling Donald out for his push on the birther conversation. She’d pushed hard on the birther conversation when she was debating him too. She takes the gloves off and gets in the mud frequently. And that’s cool, all the boys do it (except Bernie <Insert admiration for Elizabeth Warren>). Just because she’s running against Trump and we all have to vote for her now, doesn’t mean we act like she’s not mudded.


  • This Saudi Arabia, JASTA thing is really confusing. It seems like Congress feels bad. The White House really didn’t want it being passed.
  • Colombian Politics are fascinating. The peace talks were a really good opportunity to move everyone forward. There was a nationwide referendum to end a 52 year war. Conservatism won. There will not be peace in Colombia today.
  • Syria continues to burn.
  • Racism is a really prevalent thing in America. The lens I see the world through and the way other people see it. There’s a lot of difference there. How we talk about race is chief among that. A new friend of mine said to me, ‘I’m reminded that you’re American because of how much you think about race.’ It’s true. Race and the challenges it brings is in our face.
  • Another conversation with another friend later that night went something like this. Yeah, we talk about race a lot, but it’s not like these places aren’t dealing with Racism. What if it’s just impolite to talk about race and things of the sort here. That doesn’t erase the systemic oppression of Afro-Colombians. Solid point. 


  • Modern Romance, Aziz Ansari
    • Because people actually date in Colombia and it’s causing me to ask a lot of questions. And because this book is full of good questions and conversations on that topic.
  • Viktor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning
    • Because Strivent made me. We’ve got a weekly book club that reads books about adventuring, exploring and pushing the boundaries. This month’s book comes from the famed holocaust survivor and legit psychologist, Frankl.


  • Power: AH, waiting for next season is going to suck. What a cliffhanger!
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: I could not be more excited. 2 episodes in, great show.
  • BALLERS: I love The Rock. He’s on #DreamTeamMarv.




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