Considering Conquest

Dennis invited me to join the Strivent book club when I was in Mountain View a few months back. I only recently found the commitment to join their weekly calls, but I’ve enjoyed it a great deal.

Tonight we finished off a book about a team of people that climb Mount Everest. Not all of them make it back. It’s an intense read about overcoming difficult goals. It also points to some really interesting questions that we may not frequently consider: getting to the top isn’t always the most difficult, how do you get back down?

We took that question to consider a few things

  • Rudyard Kipling’s, If : If you can walk with Kings and keep the common touch. Once you’ve succeeded and found yourself hanging with JayZ and Bey, how do you go back to the common folk.
  • How do you change in success. How do you deal after success.
  • Veterans go and conquer mountains in war. They return home. What do they return to? How do they deal? PTSD is real. What are the challenges in coming back into the valleys where life is calm.

It led us to a larger conversation about life and pursuits. About mindfulness in the moment, complacency, moving ahead and the difficult balance of them. We considered East vs West and the prevalent philosophies influencing people in both.

The net of it all leaves me with a few thoughts:

  • You have no control of the future. You can only live in the moment. So do your best to do right by those who look to you. Do your best to serve those you are there to serve.
  • Aparigraha (Sanskrit: अपरिग्रह) is the concept of non-possessiveness and refers to keeping the desire for possessions to what is necessary or important, depending on one’s life stage and context. (Wikipedia)
  • Life lived in fear of what people are saying about you, thinking about you or pushing against you is meh. Go do what you feel is best in this moment. Go unconcerned and weightlessly into that unknown.




September 29, 2016





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