You can’t change how people treat you or what they say about you.All you can do is change how you react to it—M.K. Gandhi
I’ve spent too much time worried about how people I value think of me or how I will be perceived by what anyone says about me. I think the living the life I want is catalyzed when I let go of how others think of me and am okay with people walking their own path (away from mine). There are some people I will never let go from my life.
There are others, as much as I believe in them and want them to thrive, the bandwidth to deal is more draining than rewarding. At a point, everyone capable of being responsible is responsible for themselves.
This quote couldn’t come from a more fitting person. Gandhi has spent a lifetime with a challenged image. But he always just did his thing and did what felt right. You may not agree with it-I don’t want to live parts, but no one can deny his impact, his work and the power of his life. What if 10 more of us lived life so fully. How different could the world be.
Live mas. Tupac died at 25. Why wait?
September 2016
Medellín, Colombia

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