There’s something amazing about people that are passionate. They 10x my curiosity. I am fascinated by them. It’s the people that are passionate and thoughtful that excite me the most. The ones who want to give. Seth Godin wrote about them today:

The opposite of the freeloader problem is the freegiver advantage. Freeloaders, of course, are people who take more than they give, drains on the system. But the opposite, the opposite is magical. These are the people who feed the community first, who give before taking, who figure out how to always give a little more than they take.
What happens to a community filled with freegivers? Ironically, every member of that community comes out ahead.”

I want to fill my inner circle with freegivers. Passionate and thoughtful people that give because they can not because they want.

Anything less, I don’t want it.


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