I mentored at Startingbloc for the New York 2016 Institute.

I met another mentor who spent time in Uganda and made a really good friend that moved to Medellin in Colombia, she’s originally from Bogota.  That mentor introduced me to her friend, Luisa.

Luisa introduced me to her friend Juan, with whom I have skyped. Juan has a room available in his 3BR at Ciudad Del Rio Medellin. With 2 days left before I land in Medellín, we locked it down. I’ve got a place to live!

Juan is helping build Cabify, the Uber competitor in the LatAm market. He’s going to send a Cabify to nab me at the Airport (I’ll pay him back later). He’s also new to Medellin, having moved from Bogota three months ago. He’s got a group of people from Bogota that are living in Medellin. I’m invited to join them.

He wants to keep our in-house conversations to Spanish, but he says we’ll switch when I’m too confused. He says this will help me learn Spanish more quickly. I agree. 

This is all crazy. Crazy cool.


I’m not going to be defeatist. I’m going to limit my time thinking about the potential bad. How I might mess it up. Self sabotage. Instead, I’m going to step into the damn light. Here’s to moving from child to adult.






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