Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way- T.Paine

Facebook reminded that I wrote this post on 9/7/2011.

I wrote it on a little project I started with some friends called The Reenvision Project. Our goal was to get other young people looking at the world differently, to find ownership in the problems and to define solutions. I stopped participating in 2012. My friend The Rockstar Anthropologist has kept it going. She’s awesome that way. Also, this post is sorta awesome too. This is from five years ago.

In a world full of iniquity all that you must solve is one, one problem.  This is the thought I have waking up everyday. After that, it’s a matter of what breakfast might be. Morning routines aside; there are thousands of people in the world that have light bulbs go off in their minds when they see issues that surround their world or the world of others. These people are dreamers. Dreamers can lead as well as follow, but the most useless dreamer is the one who dreams, talks, but does not choose to lead or follow.

Fewer people in the world spend their days pondering and achieving solutions for issues that face the common people. These people then act out these solutions amongst their peers and receive feedback. Inspired by their will for change and mind for thought, people follow in the system and produce reliable and strong results. Sometimes all of the goals are not attained. Sometimes these groups and their leader fail; but most times the dreamer that does has changed the lives of a few people- people who eventually turn into passionate doers themselves. If you haven’t caught on just yet, the second group of people are called doers, they lead the way.

Now the final group is where many of us hang in limbo; the people that dream to do, but never try, or the people that say they will do but never deliver. With an overwhelming amount of crisis today, inhibiting the good deeds of others is something that we need to crack down on. For dreamers this means get out there and make something happen! Don’t be afraid to try- If you’re reading this blog you’re already in the right place. You’re looking, you’re searching, you have your eyes out for networks of change-fighters. For doers it means choose wisely and be precise as you fight your battles against social justice or whatever it may be for a greater community.

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