Seth Godin wrote about fear today. How fear causes people to hide. I’ve hidden for a long time.

Doubting is human.

I’ve let my doubts paralyze me. Keep me from stretching. Staying in my comfort zone.

Superheros aren’t made in lifetimes of boldness. They’re made in moments of choice.

The choice not to hide, to share our work, to put ourselves out there is a choice.

Let’s step out of the shadows and into the light with our craziest ideas. Let’s observe how the world responds. I got your back.

Let’s step into it together.

The Paradox of the Flawless Record

If your work has never been criticized, it’s unlikely you have any work.

Creating work is the point, though, which means that in order to do something that matters, you’re going to be criticized.

If your goal is to be universally liked and respected and understood, then, it must mean your goal is to not do something that matters.

Which requires hiding.

Hiding, of course, isn’t the point.

Hence the paradox. You don’t want to be criticized and you do want to matter.

The solution: Create work that gets criticized. AND, have the discernment to tell the difference between useful criticism (rare and precious) and the stuff worth ignoring (everything else).


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