Today what I want to share with my mentees most is a philosophy I’m working to live:

You’ll get where you need to go. Life’s a journey rich with experiences, but only if you are willing to experience them. 

It’s rooted in lesson in self-exploration, exploring our curiosity, patience and virtue.

Today I feel the worldview ‘we’ve got unlimited potential and finite time’ is unsustainable. It’s a dangerous frame of reference incentivising perpetual motion and restlessness. Perhaps the alternative approach to fulfillment is worth trying. Living by the disciplined pursuit of less, dreaming the dream we haven’t dared to dream and enabling those around us to dream bigger too.

I theorize that the openness to abundance, curiosity about others and that willingness to be still in a world of perpetual motion is another route to fulfillment and success. 


Then again, if I’m a scientist this hypothesis. My life is my experiment.


What do you think? Leave your thoughts

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