I really admire some of my friends.

One, for instance, is Shawn Dye. He is super transparent in the way he shares on social media. And he embraces the vulnerability it calls for. He talks about highs as frequently as he talks about his lows. And his lows are real lows.

I’ve written about keeping transparent. I do that, but personal journals hold a another level of story and trauma that I haven’t found the courage to share. It’s scary bringing your whole self to every conversation. It’s easy to get burned.

I’m sure he feels that fear. It’s human. It’s powerful to see him and others cultivate community with that level of depth and honesty.

I’m not Shawn. I’m not the others. I’m me. And I do what feels right. I admire the hell out of them as they do it. It takes a lot. And it creates so much.

When we share honestly I believe it is our intention to grow collectively. To build companies, communities and countries as a unit–not as a few people behind a black box making decisions and sharing those with the rest, but sharing our experience and moving through the world with a larger shared experience.

To those of you that own all of who you are unapologetically–thank you, north star.


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