Last night I got to spend time with a good friend that’s got some years on me. She reminded me that not everyone needs to know what we’re doing–> there’s no need to share. She reminded me that life is meant to be lived. That too much planning (even planning backwards 20 years out) can harm the moment–> to live in the moment. And that the old way of doing things is here and wildly inefficient–> do things differently. Ask why.–> what’s old isn’t what’s right.

My takeaways

  • What + How much you share is up to you. In a world of social where it can feel like the norm. It is not a requirement.
  • Live in the moment. Let what comes come. The most amazing experiences seem to come from just living.
  • Ask why. Take action. Make things that work & work well. When they don’t work, keep a note on it for improvement later.



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