A few years ago I applied to my dream university, Georgetown. I did everything to try and get in. I thought Georgetown was my turn. My ticket out of the ever-more-challenged Spring Valley.

Then they sent me a rejection letter. Two, both arriving the same week.



I remember being really sad and thinking about the people who live the ‘heros journeys.’ The Jack Ma’s of the world who didn’t get invited to the best schools & programs but still made it work.

I saved my rejection letter.

I remember the feeling of getting rejected. As I consider putting my name in the hat for another hyper competitive program, I feel the fear, frustration and paralysis that comes about by feeling unwelcome, undesired and not sought after.

I’m reminding myself to feel it wholly, to take note and to press on.

It is not about me. It is about us. And what we can unlock for the people around us. The folks who look up to us. And those lives we can do the work.

A few breaths. I’m going to work on keeping my focus about them.


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