I booked my ticket. My one-way ticket to Medellin, Colombia is on the books. It’s happening. It’s August 18th today so I’ve got a little less than a month before I head out of New York.

I love New York and I think there are ways I can be my fullest self here. I also know that the work I’ve been doing is work I’ve settled on and the decisions I’ve taken here have erred me to caution rather than excitement and my boundaries.

A lot of the reason I’m heading out of country is to start and course correct.

I’ve got an idea of who I want to be. I think being that guy is taking risks and figuring it out. Some risks are bigger than others. In basketball, the coaches told me to warm up close to a hoop with lay-ups so I can see myself take a shot, make it and be confident in my abilities to let the ball fly. Going to Colombia is my lay-up.

Testing myself & building my personal confidence and comfort within my skin today, I hope, will 10x my confidence and comfort with self 10 years from now. I think I’ll be a more capable leader & person then.

I’m keen on being a more capable & compassionate leader. There’s the man my mom raised me to be, the man I was put on this earth to be and the man I am today. I want to solve for the delta and stretch the furthest into that as possible.



This Thurday-Tuesday I’ll be jam packed with StartingBloc NY16 (I’m mentoring) and doing client work for SU in between.

After Startingbloc/next week I’m going to spend a week figuring out language programs and another figuring out housing.

That leaves me with a solid extra week and change. In that time, I want to figure out how to thrive. Can I really work+travel at the same time? If that’s the problem I’m trying to solve for, what does that look like?

An exciting month ahead. If we haven’t hung out recently and you want to before I leave–please get in touch.


NYC, 8/18/16



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