Happy Indian Independence Day

On this day, in 1947, she laid claim to her future. To self-determination. Led by scholars, peace activists and militant leaders that looked like me– the British, 200 years later than their arrival and in the aftermath of WWII, recognized the time to leave. Not without leaving scars,  recognized today by the division of our subcontinent by religion.

Muslims on one side & Hindus on the other.

The British created borders cemented the religious difference in the INDUS region. In that one year 12 Million people migrated-marking one of the fastest mass migrations in human history. Hindus/Sikhs to the new India and Muslims to Pakistan. Over one million people were killed that year. Communities that once lived in harmony turned against each other on religious lines.

These British drawn borders have been the subject of war for decades since. It leads me to wonder what the future looks like for INDO-Pakistani relations. And my own role as a diaspora Indian.

India is a land of remarkable wonder. It’s people, great like the Africans, contributed to the foundations upon which our society still rests.

August 15, 2016


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