I’m at NASA this week

I just settled in at the NASA Ames Space Research Center in Mountain View, CA. I’m here this week working with my first post-corporate remote client. My client is based here at NASA. They’re doing some really cool things with exponential technologies, leveraging artificial intelligence to make the world more livable for a lot of people. And in doing so, hopefully transform markets.

I’m excited to be here on site. They’ve got me a room at the Navy Lodge (this is a secure military site so I guess they have active military popping in and out). It’s a lot like a normal hotel. Nothing fancy, but it’s got a kitchen and a pseudo walk in closet.

I’ve got friends in Mountain View and San Francisco, but this week I’m not here to see them. I’m here to crush it with my client. I want to leave with them feeling confident in my ability to deliver and comfortable/trusty of me.

That’s really important to me. I want to travel. And I want to get cool/interesting work that pays me. I think this is one of the big first steps to doing that.


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