Happy people make me curious. I didn’t think people could be so happy. You can feign happiness, but only for so long. But there are genuinely happy people. And something about genuinely happy people is contagious. Even if you’re mad, you can’t help but be glad when they’re with you.

I’ve always wondered what about their life allowed them to be happy. Assuming that people that are happy have easy lives. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for happiness in other people, not finding it and being more unhappy as a result. When I stopped looking outwards for happiness and instead focused on doing things that made me happy I found myself surrounded be people in the same pursuit. 

I found amazing people as desirable on the outside as they are lovable on the inside. I stumbled into a community of people that cared about the world. And thought the tough questions I obsessed with were normal. I pushed them away, but the happiest of people didn’t leave me alone for too long.

Some days I still don’t feel like I deserve to be happy.

On those days, if I’m lucky, I bump into one of those beautiful people and their happiness and cheerfulness ignites my embers. Their authenticitygenuine interest and passion for life makes me forget my simpy feelings and turns me around.

They remind me of the decision I made to be happy. They remind that it’s hard. And that the weight you carry might be heavy, but an easy load doesn’t mean happiness.

I’m intentional about surrounding myself with good, happy and grounded people. I was once curious of them. Now, I just want to be near them. They are the lights that light me up. They make it easy to decide for happiness.

If you’re a kid that grew up with a mindset like mine, in a situation that looked bleak, I want to remind you that you are the captain of your soul. Let’s be lights for each other.

Decide happy. ❤


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