A note from ShapeNA on Leadership Journeys

Taking pause, we’ve traveled a long way. We’ve turned many heads along the way, challenged norms and readjusted expectations. It’s nice to have recognition for this, but the truest recognition for a leader is not how many people follow her, but how many people she has taken from behind and helped move ahead.

This weekend I had some critical conversations with folks who stated intentions to advance themselves and move ahead. I feel invested in their leadership journey. I’m excited for the moment later in time that they take pause and look behind to recognize the distance they’ve overcome. I’m deeply thankful for the folks I met this weekend who I can share this leadership journey with.

This is difficult to do alone.

Rich Mlot, a Parter at Capco, said to me on my last week of work, “You are who you will be. You’ve always been that person. You spend your life getting comfortable in your skin.”

I like that. My leadership journey may have me do many jobs in a variety of forms & sectors, but the peak of all of that is pursuit of my truest self.

Shoutout to the squad thats on this journey too.


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