2,087 hours of management consulting comes to an end. 

Thursday is my last day at Capco. When I joined Capco, I joined to finance the growth of my own business. I joined in pursuit of a symbiotic relationship. A relationship that was soon made impossible with FIS acquiring company and taking control of operations. 

Therein I learned my first lesson in management consulting: be flexible. The deal usually changes. 

I’ve spent time inside the business redeveloping a learning & development program, creating new metrics, ushering in and implementing new technology or rich data analytics software, sprinting innovation drills with one of Canada’s largest banks to figure out how to safely monetize consumer data and implementing a large technology migration for a teir 1 global bank. 

Management Consulting is something I’m comfortable doing. My skills in leadership, adaptability and PM help make me valuable. Paired with my newer strengths in communication and delivery, they make me a strong addition to any business. 

Management Consulting is something I’d definitely revisit. But at this moment, my eyes are elsewhere. I’m keenly focused on my 2016 goals.

I want to 

  • Wake up everyday in a place I love 
  • Work on a product I believe in 
  • With with people I admire 

To do that I need to leave where I’m at and go in pursuit. Happiness is found in the process. And while the money and life at Capco were comfortable, I’m eager to go forward I pursuit. 

Quitting was a tough decision. 

A lot of feedback and personal stories helped me make the call. One piece of advise that’s stuck with me came from a friend, “You can always go backwards, but it’s tough in life to go forwards. So when you have the opportunity, go.” 

What’s next 

I’ll spend August in New York. I’m working with Singularity Univeristy on a remote project part time. This gives me some flexibility. I love who I’m working with, the work were doing and I love being at home. 

SU’s contract is limited term and gives me space to work on other things so I’m hoping to make myself useful as a Project Manager or Marketer available for remote work. 

Any advise, insights and thoughts about being a freelancer & remote are welcome. I’m eager to close this week up and join the crew that says “I quit my job in pursuit of my passions.” 

Here’s to pulling triggers and writing the story you want to tell. Let’s kick ass. 


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