What you do and what you say matters because you are responsible for the direction and destination of those you lead. 

I was sitting in my bed on the Tram line at Vialle Trastevere in Rome, Italy on November 25th, 2015 when I decided to take my writing more seriously. On that day, I wrote

I’m starting this blog to create a conversation. A conversation on the experiences I’ve had and will continue to have and how I think about them or how they’ve mold my thoughts.

From it I hope you’ll form your own ideas and thoughts, by social media I hope you will express those thoughts, and via conversation I hope we can begin to recognize the different ways we will see the same thing- in a mission to grow comfortable with difference.

Prior to this, facebook saw more of what I accomplished and less about what I felt. That was misaligned with my why & it wasn’t aligned with the type of leader I aspired to be.

In our leadership we must be deep, honest and intentional.” Seren

My why, my reason for writing was to be the person I wish I had growing up. I was alone with not many to look up to for direction, how to be. Kid me would have eaten up conversations about operations, logistics and back-end challenges in striving to success. The big question for me back then was: how do I succeed? What do I need to do? Where do I go? No one I knew had real success. So these questions were at the top of my head.

Then came Kal Penn, Mindy Kaling, Aziz Ansari and Kevin Hart who attacked their work in a white dominated industry with honesty, intentionality, grit and a smile. I met people like Deepa Iyer, Whitehouse Vik and Van Jones-people that looked like me and were crushing it.

Their existence alone filled me with hope, put air under my wings & lessened the weight I felt.

Today I feel incredibly supported be an amazing community of rockstars that I can call to for insights and support. I’ve always had that community in some way, shape or form. The difference being intentionality. And I want to give that community to more people and more kids.

Leadership today is lacking. We forget how much we have received from those around us and need to remain faithful to their trust and aspirations. That means leading from a deep place of intention and honesty.

Where we are vs Where we can be

Our future is entirely dependent on our decisions.

Clayton once an example of sheep with me to describe people-sheep walk in flocks. They mimic each other and do the same things. When one sheep strays away, the rest of the flock hoots & hollers. What are you doing! Where are you going! You’re Crazy!!! For that reason, sheeps are like xerox copies of each other. Every page being exactly the same-until the book ends. We are communal, but should not sacrifice our dreams for community.

Imagine stepping away from your own herd.

Imagine exciting others to do the same. Not everyone. Maybe one or two people. Imagine if you could help someone get to the best version of themselves. Imagine helping someone break out of their herd.

Your words and actions matter. Those who need you most are watching. Be for them who you wanted when you were growing up. Plant that seed and watch it grow.




2 thoughts on “In Pursuit of Leadership

  1. Two things:
    1. This post has inspired me to go and look back at my journal and goals that I had Fall 2014, while living in Viale Trastevere…

    2. Thank you for being so consistent with your blogging… You have been doing exactly what you set out to do – being the person you wish you had, being the person some of us need.
    As someone lacking a support system, in every way you possibly can lack support, your writing expresses the words and honesty that I (and people like me) can lean on, and use as guidance and comfort.
    Self development and leadership have become more of the overarching, big ideas and goals, but less about the process and the tiny steps that happen in between.
    We tell people to quit their jobs and follow their dreams, but we don’t speak of the little things that you need to prepare/think about. And your writing, in my opinion, is about the trenches and the in-betweens.
    So my second point was to thank you, and make you aware that you’ve done exactly what you set out to. At least for one person.

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