There are so many thoughts I want to share, but I do not want to keep you for long. I will limit myself to 350 words.


Mental-On Track [Q2.5/Q4]

Financial- Last Mile [Q1/Q3.5]

My midpoint in 2016 is this week. It’s been an exciting one full of faces, friends and moving into an apartment in Williamsburg/Bushwick. I’m thrilled to have so much light and excited by the rooftop. I’m eager to make the next two months in the city memorable.

My goals are progressing. There are milestones around daily happiness that I haven’t tackled yet. I’ll use the next two months to dive into them. They regard to mental: waking up in a place you love/doing work you love/ with people you admire.

To speak about something & then do is not common. The opportunity to take risk and go where your aatma leads is unique. But it’s such a beautiful thing.


163 words. Boo ya!


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