A friend & I were chatting about the challenge of building community when you are transitioning into a new city. In New York it’s particularly tough. (Take it from a guy that’s been in the same state all [most] his life. [College in the DMV]) Good community is priceless in what it adds to your life.

Insight. My friend asked me why I’m so thoughtful re: who/how I spend my time & why I choose specific people for my community. From my answer she extrapolated: you surround myself with a specific type of person because dealing with them helps me builds confidence in me [& helps me fight my imposter syndrome]. 

Growth is an uncomfortable thing, but a good community can foster that.

While we grow and grow it’s important to recognize why & why we’re growing as well as our intention in growing. Had we not had that conversation, one of my intentions for building community would have gone unrecognized-developing my ability to communicate/get work done effectively with people way more important than myself.

Some days I love people. Some days I hate people. [I’m human AF.] But after that conversation there’s no way to not recognize the value that people can bring to our lives, community in particular.


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