Last week was bomb.

I met two awesome people for breakfast at Grey Dogs Cafe, my overpriced go-to breakfast spot in Union Square. (now taking suggestions for dope/more sensibly priced options). The insights that I remember clearly are:

  • Leave when you’re loved. 
  • Life is exciting. Always messy. But education is a tool that always helps. Though, directional focus and a problem you want to solve is important. 

I made a new friend from Alaska, a recent grad on a global adventure with limited financing. We’ve all been there (sin global adventure). I treated him to fried chicken and donuts at a new place nearby me and I loved his perspective. 


  • You can always go back, but not everyone gets the chance to  go forward and move ahead. 


  • Projects- I signed that project that. I mentioned last week. I’ll spend a lot of time in Rhode Island in June. I’ve got another project in the pipeline that I’m trying to scope & close.
  • Fitness: I didn’t end up making it to the dojo for 2 Jiu Jitsus and 1 Muy Thai. Instead I did 1 Jiu Jitsu and 1 boxing/training day. ps I dropped 5 lbs.
  • Food: I cooked at home 3/5 days. I ate more veggies. Less meat.
  • Mothers day: I had an awesome time. I wrote a quick thing about some feelings I had. I forgot for a moment how deeply some folks are rooting for me to succeed. And how much of a role they’d played in who I am today.
  • Nieces first birthday: I made it. Saw a bunch of family and friends. I always want to make sure I show up for family. I want them to know they’ve got me. I want to know I’ve got them. I want this to be a thing for all of time.
  • Finances: opened up a savings account with Barclays. Going to get some interest on this money I’m saving up. On track in that boat.
  • Love: still learning alot here.
    • people are funny.
    • serendipity is sure.
    • defaulting  to trust, understanding and starting with yes is a good starting point
    • don’t always hold the ball. empower folks to make you a priority.
    • hindsight will be amazing.
    • take it easy
    • people are amazing.
  • Learnings:
    • Knowledge without action is useless.
    • Mantra: Not perfect, just better.

This Week: the goal is physical

  • Physical
    • Training
      • get in the gym for 3 classes (2 BJJ/1Boxxing?)
      • do at least 2 days of hard weight training & HIIT. (Monday/Thurs?)
    • Nutrition: eat better than last week. Cook at home. Less than 3 meals out.

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