This weekend was excellent. I spent it with great people. Every moment was fulfilling.

One-liners from the weekend:

  • Build things your grandchildren can be proud of (oldie but goodie)
  • A seed sown always grows more than the planter can see.
  • Act locally. Think regionally. Learn globally. -Margaret Wheatley
  • Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. -Marilyn Monroe
  • You are not free until you have no need to impress anybody.

Things I’ve spoken about:

  • Planned Obsolescence: producing consumer goods that rapidly become obsolete and so require replacing. Nico, David and I had Earl Grey Tea after brunch. We stumbled into a discussion on how Capitalists of the past rigged the market and stifled innovation in order to ensure their economic superiority and their market-need.
    • Car Example: electric cars were originally popular, but Rockefeller was an oil baron & since Edison was replacing oil-powered candles with electricity Rockefeller used his powerful grasp to push manufactures to build fleets of gas-guzzling vehicles. He had a steady demand for his oil & consumers had a vehicle. BUT, we screwed the environment in the process and ended at the same place. If it wasn’t for Rockefeller—where would our vehicle innovations be today?
    • Lightbulb Example: there are lightbulbs around NY & DC from the 1920’s. Still operating at their original functionality. Rumor has it that a few powerful folks in the early light bulb industry were gathered by Edison. They bought all the patents and held them so no one could create the light-bulb at it’s best. Instead, they went to market with a product that would die. As a result of that they never had to worry about demand. BUT imagine a world where you didn’t have to buy new lightbulbs after the first time.
    • Socks Example: When nylon was first used for socks, a husband was making it for his wife and they realized they didn’t need to ever buy socks again because nylon socks were indestructible. That patent was acquired and nylon socks were created in a much weaker formula–leading to those great socks you just bought having holes in them.
    • All of this was done to establish and keep a market.
  •  How my definition of success has changed
    • 2011: power, position, access
    • 2016: financial security, curiosity, happiness
    • What’s weird is that my intention were always good-if I gained power, I’d help people. But my 2016 definitions of success seem better aligned with my values.
  • I want 5 years from now to be
    • in a healthy & loving relationship
    • running a team/organization effectively
    • instilling purpose
    • distilling transformative leadership
    • financially sound
    • doing work that has a larger impact
  •  What do I want to do when I grow up: I want to change the world
  • My dream job was once to be an USAF Fighter Pilot. I still want to fly. Not sure I want to do it for the Air Force at the moment.

Things I’m thinking about:

  • Structuring my thoughts and ideas has helped me accomplish them more focusedly.
  • I have a lot of work to do around discipline. I think maintaining my space and maintaining my spiritual/mental and physical practice will help.
  • Frameworks for how to make dating more worthwhile and fulfilling.
  • The value of experience based frameworks, implementation and programming yourself against decision fatigue.
  • The value of just doing things because they feel right or the moment is right.

Things I want help with:

  • I’m on track to meet my savings goals for Q2 2016. Aside from a 2% savings account how do I make my money work for me?
  • How do I build a service-company effectively?
  • Getting more awesome founders for Founder Talks.
  • Marketing the next FounderTalk w/ Chris Maddern, former CTO at Venmo. May 18th.

Books I’ve read in April

  • The Imperfections
  • A Brave New World, Aldous Huxley
  • I’ve read a lot of Medium articles too. Those are bite sized, easy to digest and informative.

Things I’m excited about this week:

  • spending time with good people. I’ve got 3 breakfast meetings this week. and one lunch with the only Global Shaper in Alaska [psyched about that]
  • Introducing the NYC Global Shapers to the new class that I was in charge of recruiting, vetting and onboarding. We started with between 50-40 and melted to Six. I’m really excited about this one. And to do the retroactive, then pass off the torch.
  • hopefully signing onto a project either here or in Rhode Island. & doing some legit consulting work.
  • I deleted my dating apps. I’m focusing on my goals & open to serendipitous experiences.

Here’s to another week. Kicking off with a 7:45am call with South Africa!





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