Gearing up for a week ahead

Call with South Africa is complete! It was 730-not 745. I’ve got a potential client that’s Joberg based, but spending most of his time in Rhode Island. He’s selling to a larger organization so we’ve been having steering calls since last Friday to see if he can sell me under his umbrella. Tomorrow, I’ll be speaking to his client directly. If we can lock it in, I’ll spend a lot more time in Rhode Island during the week. I’m looking forward to the learning that experience might bring. 

This years been nothing short of surprises. Behind each surprise has been something to be learned; a lesson to be gained. I do my best to see what those are from the outset, it’s why I write, alas we’re only human. 

Last night I had dinner with Ulysses. We linked up at Sycamore and headed later to MoMos at Cafe Tibet. We chatted about Startingbloc a bunch and having a series in my basement apartment around dinners for a small group of Startingbloc’ers. I think that’d be a valuable way to unlock the network. It’s like a treasure chest of cool people.  

Ive always wanted a space to host people. That’s a bit of why I was so eager to get moved in here. The living space is abnormally big. It makes entertaining small events more easy, though I’m not sure we’ve taken advantage of that as we should have. 
I’m looking forward this week to

  • 2 classes of  Jiu Jitsu. 1 class of Muy Thai or Jeet Kune Do
  • Some HIIT workouts on days off from MMA training 
  • Defining the scope for another deal
  • Catching up with friends/making new friends over meals & chai
  • My nieces first birthday on Saturday!! 
  • Mother’s Day! 

Growth areas for the week

  • Balanced nutrition 
  • Being in my office early & often 
  • Proactive Delivery 
  • Mindfulness 
  • Making time to keep my environment 

Something I’m looking for 

Last week I had a chat about the 30% rule. 

  • 30% of your time w/ those who you guide you 
  • 30% of your time w/ those you walk with 
  • 30% of your time w/ those you guide 

Loosely I think this breaks down as mentor, friend, mentee. I feel supported. I’d like to find some more people I can help guide and support. 


Brunch with my shapers, catching up with Ulysses and that South Africa call- a good foot forward for the week. I’m feeling supported. 


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