There is a ton of conversation and thought leadership about building businesses. When you step into the space of building companies and you get curious–there’s a lot of information available to you. Something I’ve learned in the building a Startup Consulting Service (StartupMIG) is that all the business advice is practical and realistic, but very little of it is applicable to success without patience.

When salescycles drab on it takes patience to stick with it and move it forward. Even if progress looks like molasses.

When dealing with an ambitious technical client who is from another culture it takes patience  to listen and respond to transcend boundaries.

And when you walk into a room ignored, feeling like there’s a chip on your shoulder because you’re different-something about your identity is different. It takes patience for the right people to find you or you to find them. And for you to stick it through long enough for that.

Building companies is tough. That’s for sure. It can be very very rewarding and let you free up all of your creative energy–in my mind, when work is you unleashing your creative juices full time-that’s an equation for happiness.

Beyond all the challenges and all the methods, patience is the gas to your engine. If you find ways to keep mindful about patience enough to grow your own and you do the hard work that needs to be done–then I believe that success will come natural. Just remember that there’s many more definitions to success than our present understanding.



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