Disagreement is productive.

Last night over dinner with a friend chatted politics. We are livid about the state of healthcare, education, money in politics, taxes and immigration. My friend, a right-leaning staunch Libertarian and myself- a progressive independent. We spoke at length on the challenges of the current state, disagreed often and did an exercise where we pretended to be President offer solutions.

I’d say we came to some pretty damn great conclusions.

I don’t think we would have achieved the solutions we did if the two of us shared the same political philosophy. Our solutions served a greater variety of people and more importantly recognized the real challenges that everyone has, instead of ignoring some in favor of others.

We complemented each other, but more importantly we kept the conversation civil and tried to always compare our experiences with the data.

I wrote weeks ago on how Justice Scalia & RBG exercised a similar relationship. They disagreed frequently, but because of their ability to stay calm and recognize the value of the other they were able to do a lot for the nation and their community.

Transparent and clear communication is an important element too.



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