Our plans aren’t always how the story unfolds. Frustration is OK. A tinge of Depression isn’t the end of the world. Don’t be upset with yourself when you get upset about things (and please don’t be upset with your partner when they get upset about things). The best solution to uncertainty is adaptability.

Below is a tad of insight for how I build adaptability & manage uncertainty.

Meditating helps me be more adaptable & helps calm me in volatile times.  I use Stop, Breathe & Think-it’s free and worth it. I do 2-5 minutes a day and rarely do it longer than three days in a row. *Just keep swimming* is my anthem for meditation. I fail frequently at doing it, but it helps so much.

Writing helps too. Day One is my go-to app for writing on the move. It’s got a super simple interface on iOS & the Mac version can sync seamlessly. Of course I write here, but I like to use this as a more sanitized version of my thoughts. My word-vomit is hella crazy.

All that said, my favorite tool for writing is a good old journal & pen.

Working out fills me with energy and hope. Recently that’s been more focused on Mixed Martial Arts, but a couple of weeks ago I was running and just couldn’t stop. There’s a slew of research looking at the chemistry for why it helps. I just know it feels great. Also, Yoga. Worth doing.

Reaching Out to the people around me. They’re gems. I spend a lot of time under a rock (or on a plane) in isolation when I feel that things are not going the way I appreciate. I feel like I need to figure things out myself. And being alone is an important part of all this, but if you’re feeling blue, know that you’re not alone and you’ve got folks who want to chat. I’m here to chat too. We’re all just figuring it out. We can do better together.

Hang in there. ❤




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