Bernie Sanders is a good man and a great candidate.

Bernie has been resolute in his values. He’s been absolute in his ethics. And he’s been transparent in his practice. I feel passionate about Bernie because he can monumentally change American history  continuing to be exactly who he is and who he’s been for decades.

Hillary is a superhero.

She’s got an incredible background. We look at her in wonder. But we don’t see ourselves in her. Her positions have “grown” over time and seem to continually change. Hers is a powerhouse family–amazing in many feats, but when I look at them I don’t see people that change the status quo. Under the Clintons, Americans will continue to be battered in the same ways that Americans are battered today and in the same way we have been post NAFTA and dangerous trade agreements that she’s backed (and recently tried to flip-fop on).

America doesn’t need a superhero. It needs a super movement.

Bernie is not a superhero.

He’s creating a super-movement. And he’s putting us at the center. America needs an awakening, a social enlightenment for how unfair the system of politics is to people and a movement that will force people from talking about systemic issues to changing the system. I want a leader that steps out and says I don’t believe in this and then matches those words with action. I believe him to be that leader. I think he relates to normal people like me. And I think he can get us out of our seats. The reality is that we can’t just elect him and leave him to fight all the battles. He wants to facilitate a better democracy. I want that.

I haven’t worked for Bernie.

I only organize my immediate friends and coordinate dinners with other entrepreneurs where we talk about politics/policies and systemic issues. I don’t want to force Bernie down throats, but I want to speak to his record and HC’s and let people come to their own conclusions. I do donate. I put a little bit of money every couple of weeks into his campaign. We do what we can because we must.

I want to see a different America. A better America.

Bernie Sanders is the dramatically different candidate. That’s what I believe. Hillary Clinton is not a bad person. If we’re stuck with her–we’re not screwed, but social progress will stall and we’ll be fraught with another cycle of the same old problems that we’ve dealt with for decades. nother cycle of the same old operating habits.

Your job is to dream. Their job is to do. Vote the way you dream. Be passionate about the future of your nation. Be unafraid. Be unapologetic. Be heard.



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