Freshly fired, I hopped on a flight to Cartagena (Colombia) to get away from people and clear my mind.

In my excitement, I directed my friend Tim to the wrong airport, missing my direct flight and having to make an additional stop in Miami on the way. Switching flights in Miami, I was seated next to a couple in their 30s. Heading to Cartagena to celebrate 10 years of marriage. They were relaxed and filled with ideas. The guy especially–we spent the whole flight talking about business, startups and the challenges of launching companies.

He had a bunch of bad ideas that I helped him flush through and understand markets for. One of this these ideas was pretty good. I thought it could work if he focused on a specific market. He agreed & wanted to get started, but didn’t want to leave his day job yet. They just bought a house & were trying to build a family….

So he asked me to do it & that’s the birth of StartupMIG.

We’re an end-to-end agency for startups. We’re stellar in marketing-sales & products. I like to say that we do sales focused marketing, trying to bring those two sides of the house back together. And for product, there’s a stellar engineering & design team building websites and apps for clients.

Our agency for startups is laser focused on evening the odds for entrepreneurs and helping our clients grow their companies.

We’re evening the odds for companies we work with by leveraging top development/marketing talent and dipping into our startup experience.

I’m a passionate person, but I’d rather spend my time supporting people passionate about their ideas than solving a problem/building a product that I’m not wildly passionate about. Helping  entrepreneurs realize their vision seems to be the best use of my time.

StartupMIG is my avenue for helping motivated people realize their wildest ideas.

Learn more about my journey through failure to StartupMIG-watch here.



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