I believe normal everyday people can do extraordinary things. I must also be honest with myself and the reader in sharing that re: human behavior- people do not change.

No matter how much we may want them to.

If they say things to make you think that they will, what does their track record suggest? They need be superhumanly committed to acting on their language. 

If not, *aint shit* changing.

What’s that…oh, past experiences don’t speak to future potential? Okay that’s true. Give them a shot. Let them prove themselves.

Just be rational.

‘Irrationality is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.’  -Albert Einstein

Believing them the fifth or tenth time is irrational. Pause. Take stock. Learn your lesson.

The 🔑Key to avoiding pain and situations where people need to change is twofold. Deal with malleable people or trust your judge of character and “Know people as they are, not as you want them to be, because they will act as they are and if you expect anything different you will be left crying.”

I know. Life can suck. At least you’re still awesome. You’ve got the power to be exactly what you want to be. Commit yourself.


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