Remembering how far we’ve traveled.


I stayed in tonight to gather my thoughts and find some peace/quiet. Tonight cleaning up helped do that and connecting with old friends. In those conversations we reminisced to a time more than a decade ago sighting parallel experiences that drew us back to the moment where we decided we wanted to do more and be more.

In all of that nostalgia was a reminder that life was once very very difficult. That bullying and sadness and worry clouded many moments. In growing beyond it and moving so far away from the person I once was it seems so easy to erase all the hard work and struggle in between.

Now that it’s back and so fresh on my mind–wow. I can’t believe all of that happened. I can’t believe so many of the people that I once held dear I should now count lost. And I can’t believe that life will continue.

As I think about this stuff, I want to show thanks and appreciation for all those whom I’ve shared a moment with. Whatever the situation we ended (most of the time) there’s a high likelihood that I miss you and wish you the best.




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