There’s something uniquely important about fostering a strong bond with your employees and forming an intimate understanding of their goals.

Leaders have a list of priorities and it isn’t often that “KNOW YOUR PEOPLE” make the Top 3, but I’m spoiled to have watched Shaun Johnson (Startup Institute) do it well and I recognize the positive impact that has had on Startup Institute’s business goals. In the craziness of their operation, that core team made time to do

  1. daily team stand-up
  2. weekly non-work related team bonding
  3. and Shaun met everyone on his team for one-on-one check-ins regularly

I’m motivated to be the leader that cares about my people enough to understand their

  • goals at the company
  • goals outside of the company
  • how can we align those two

I want to help my people feel like that while working with me we are also driving towards or accomplishing their goals.

Weeks ago Damari asked me “What is it that makes us work for a company and build up someone else’s vision as if it were our own?”  I had no answer, until a conversation earlier tonight reminded me that it’s much about the employee that takes a job and does the work and more about the leader who can influence an employee to care enough to create dynamite results and take on a leadership role themselves.

From the janitorial staff, to the interns all the way through the C-Suite, as I learn to lead, I aspire to lead in a way that brings folks towards actualizing their best self while also helping them embrace the capable leader within them.



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