If you’re doing something worth doing it’s guaranteed to be a challenge. Sometimes we get knocked on our ass. It’s easy to fall. To feel defeated. To fumble. Everyone does.

“Nothing in life is easy. Nothing in life is free.” Momma Mathew (My mom)

My friend Babita reminds me that “people associate hardship with bad.  But you need hardship to grow-as a person in a relationship and in life.” Just because things don’t go the way you planned for them to, doesn’t mean you close that door and run to the next one. If it’s worthwhile, what’s behind that next door will be just as challenging.

Even when you screw up you deserve to not feel defeated, but sometimes you will. 

It’s okay. You’re human. Be kind to yourself. 

Take care of how you speak of yourself, you’re listening. -Otis Gilmore

Most importantly, challenge yourself. Nothing in life is easy. Nor should it be.


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