The story I shared with the TEDx community is now available online. The Uncertainty Paradox.

This talk was a quarter century of uncertainty. Failures and fears, distilled into a 17 minute jumble followed by 4 core values. Values which I can only recognize in hindsight. As I play it back, I find nothing short of a dozen things to do differently. But that’s okay. Being imperfect is aligned with the goal.

I believe that if we tell the stories of founders and successful people in a more honest way we make them more human, thereby relatable. Van Jones did this for me and I want to do it for others. Making leadership more accessible is a priority mission of mine. I thought I’d make myself the guinea pig. There are risks and dangers. I’m on the record for a lot of conversations and can get called out for a bunch. That’s okay. I try and keep folks around that have a good handle of themselves and don’t need to stick me with pins to feel good.

My goal isn’t to flatten myself into a 1-d tweetable and perfect person. It’s the opposite. I want to make the people around me more receptive to the reality of ourselves as stunning multi-dimensional bodies. Full of life, love and contradictions. This is what humanness truly is. Embracing it is a challenge.

My goal for this talk:

  • dive into my imperfection and show my cuts & the red blood with them
  • share how beautiful uncertainty in life can be
  • promote that life can/should change our success metrics
  • reaffirm the best thing to do is embrace change and dive head first into the unexpected

I hope I’ve achieved those. Again, this talk is about my flaws and making leaders seem more human. Leaders are just people. (Lightbulb: anybody can lead)

There are habits from my childhood that I haven’t given up. Sometimes I think I’m undeserving or ruin things when it’s too good. I have to remind myself everyday it’s one foot in front of the other that gets everyone across the finish line. What’s behind us doesn’t dictate what’s ahead of us.

I won’t stop failing. Life won’t stop being scary.

I’ll remain hopeful, connected and looking hopefully into the beauty and mystery of what lies ahead. Let’s do that together.


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