Female. Gay. Black. Disabled. Indian. Cis. Heterosexual. Male.

People are more than a label.

We force ourselves and others into boxes. Boxes with perfectly laser cut edges that nothing from our galaxy could possibly squeeze into. We crush stunning multi-dimensional bodies, flattening them into 1-D images as to more simply snap, tweet and share them.

Depth is tough to tweet. People are deep. Rich. Full of life.

To be a human is akin to the rainbow of color tossed around in holi.Full of colors, words, ideas. Naturally creative and beautiful in that assortment.

To be human is…

  • To be a human is to be a schoolyard bully in the morning and cry in the night in response to your siblings harsh words.
  • To be a human is to bump Trap music for dinner and doze off to Natalie Cole in the night.
  • To be a human is to explore the world to its ends chasing thrill and rushing home boiling over in excitement to greet your beautiful spouse and child.
  • To be filled with a universe of complexity and to be simple in pursuits of happiness. Seeking only love, life and liberty.

When we stumble into simplifying ourselves or simplifying others may we consider Walt Whitman words, “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.” We are creative destructive processes. The result of billions of atoms self-organizing–many combusting-reforming in iterative  and regenerative process. We are walking contradictions. It is a wonder that we exist.

You are greater than one day. You are greater than one experience. You are the master of your universe and the captain of your fate. Every day is a choice to build on the last day or to break free of its chains and start a new.

Don’t simplifying yourself. Don’t simplify us. Labels aren’t for people.


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