Christmas time is my favorite. At Thanksgiving I start playing Christmas tunes and this goes through the New Year well into January, sometimes stretching beyond. I watch everyones flame grow. Happiness, excitement love and kindness. It all sprouts for a few weeks. And then the winter comes again, heartbreak settles and tough times take place–we’re all back to normal.

My wish this Christmas it is that we would live out our Christmas values all year round. Though the lights come down and the gift-giving slows, that we be the light we are able to be only because of the most remarkable story ever told. That we remember how remarkable our story is and that we use our life to share it. For me this is with actions and behaviors, less words.

To find wonder look only to The Christmas Story- a story of wonder.

A virgin mother births a baby boy. In a manger, this Prince of Peace is delivered. Three Wealthy and Important Magi follow a star hundreds of miles through the desert to gift him and celebrate what will come from him. This day changes the future of human history moving our relationship with the creator from observer to participant. From visitor to family. From sinful and dead to imperfect and saved.

You are loved. This story is the beginning of love. If this story is true it is the most wonderful and incredible story ever told.

This light is one that you can share with anyone in the world without fear of losing it. Do this through your values. Christmas shines to the core values of Christians better than anything. A wonderful counsellor, a beacon for peace, a virtuous giver. We can practice these values through our actions.

The season should not change the song that we sing.

-Carl Lentz, Hillsong NYC

Come the cold winter of February, the warm summer of July and the mucky winds of Autumn I hope we can sing these songs together and take to the world actions of joy, peace and hope.

I got your back. I can do that because somebody upstairs promised to have mine. Use Christmas to jumpstart a year of practicing our Christian values. Unstoppable love, incredible generosity and remarkable humility.


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