Afternoon Grattitude

I am  grateful today.

For a friend whom I can share intimate thoughts with nearly daily without it ever feeling old. Someone who I see almost never but want to appreciate endlessly.

For a community excited to brunch at 9:30 in the morning on a Sunday to discuss how we can make our community better. Creating plans and structure to drive that forward and owning parts of this voluntarily while running their businesses and organizations.

For people who I’m just getting to know being intensely curious on my spoken goals and dreams. Motivated to brainstorm and support me in pursuit without being provoked or called upon.

For a mother eager to try new things to find new experiences and to pursue her fullest self in co-learning and love.

For a family that I can see rarely but always call home. For the babies that run around and fill the holiday parties with OO’s, AA’s and gaga’s. And the cousins I can share with and learn from on fatherhood, music, career and love.

For friends who are conscious of their challenges, achievements and community. Where I can be at a birthday party for one late on Saturday night filled with POCs talking about community service and the come up.

These things fill me with energy when I am depleted. They allow me to be self-aware and recognize opportunities for improvement. They help me work on my deepest fears while acting not only as safety nets, but motivators.

This morning I’m grateful for all of these things and more.


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