I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to write for Medium about discipline and patience. Last night I found myself needing it most. It is much easier to talk about being the person that we want to be and values we aspire to. Being that person means dealing with the big hairy monsters of our past. That’s not easy.

Discipline provides me structure or process.  Patience provides me the ability to let that process play out. Trust allows me to believe in people who don’t always believe in themselves. Including myself.

Nick Saban, football coach at Alabama tells his team to trust the process. After years of coaching, he’s put in place a structure that delivers championships. Sometimes that teams ends up with more W’s and other times more L’s. In either case, they make it out of each game and are in a better position for the next game.

That’s how I look at life.

Every year is another year of experiences and insights to iterate my process. Over the years I’ve learned a lot of lessons and unlearned a lot of habits. My process is reflective of this. There are many more to learn. It will continue to grow and mutate.

This morning I remember that being in a better position for tomorrow means trusting in the process: both mine and those around me while also looking to my discipline and patience to see me through to the other side.

Today trust the process.


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