Late Night Thoughts: writing from the heart (+a little poemnotpoem)

It is my regret that I have not written more actively to my WordPress lately. My writing has continued, but the nature of my reflection has been inwards and in freehand I can flow allowing more unhindered expression.

My intention is to share many of these personal thoughts as I become ready. My goal here is to make leadership more accessible, promote personal growth and broaden the definition of what it means to be a man or as Paulo Coelho calls it, a Warrior Poet or Warrior of Light. 

I freehanded this last Sunday. Deeply considering what I wanted in a woman, these raw thoughts spilled out:

12/6/2015- Brooklyn, NY

I am not looking for a flawless diamond. It is not the 16 carat from Tiffany’s which I seek. 

What I want is someone to see my flaws and find love within them. Someone to recognize all that is bad about me and smile because of all that is good.

Even in the most troubled of days, I want to know she will see me. Beyond the fog and facades. To see me for who I am. 

I want to be seen. I want to be sharpened. 

Because the perfect diamond never starts that way. And I’m not looking for the perfect diamond–because that is not who I am, but as the craftsman, I will sharpen and nurture her too.

I don’t think anyone is perfect that brings me sincere excitement. She won’t find me perfect. I’ll come with blemishes, imprinted with experience of my past and with deep flaws tied to amicable virtues.

I expect no less from her.

To only seek out relationships where “I don’t want to have this conversation again” is folly, boring and in no way tied to reality. Rather, I want interdependent relationships and ‘sanding’ and pressures that turn stones and sand into precious metals.

Writing these thoughts helped me arrive at what I’m looking for in relationships and see clearer what makes me feel happy. Adventure. Growth. And someone to do both with.




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