These are thoughts. Things that I’ve heard this week, opportunities for improvement, and observations.
1. Overheard.
2. Improvement.
3. Observations
1. On Communication: act like the person sitting next to you has no context.
How often have you been busy as ever..turned to your left and shot off the question you had in your mind..only to be met with confused looks. Often we’re not providing the context folks need from us.
The Five W’s provide everything someone needs to be on the same page:
2. Feedforward (opportunities to improve)
One of the big challenges I’ve had, being someone that does a lot of digital/marketing/programming or generally back-end work…..the results of my work aren’t so much an experience as much as they influence the results. This means you often can’t feel, touch, and experience most of my work. In order to keep stakeholders (people involved) happy, these are three ideas that can help.
—> Show people the work you’re doing. If you’re doing digital work and it’s not things they could see in person, take screenshots, use numbers. Try to give your work personality and structure so it’s easy to absorb.
—> Find ways to showcase your work to people
—> Find ways to showcase other people (Adam Grant/ Robert Green)

3. Startup Vs Corporate: Both get things done. The delta between them is how they get them done. 
Organizations that are large have to work in a specific way to effectively complete their mission. Being more startuppy means cutting out stakeholders. Maybe the goal shouldn’t be to be more startuppy, but for large corporations to figure out how to foster creativity and buffers for failure into their processes. Especially difficult for client-facing service organizations (consulting).
Startup: Fast/Messy/ Creative/ Process light.
Corporate: Strategy/Process Heavy/ Wide Stakeholders—Risk Averse

What do you think? Leave your thoughts

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